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Microprocessor based unit to monitor Power before reaching your 3 phase equipment. Powermatic provides protection from common disturbances available in 3-Phase installations such as over/under voltage, Phase failure, Phase sequence reversal, Momentary interruption, Power back surge, Any 2 phase shorting together and even from frequency disturbances in standby Generator set, or spark due to loose connection. The innovative software embedded in Powermatic makes it capable of detecting ‘Electrical Sparks’ resulting from Loose Connections in Power line and even detects unstable supply from standby generator. These unique features and the compactness give Powermatic uniqueness among other available 3-Phase power protection devices in the market.

Powermatic 3 Phase

Powermatic 3 Phase

P304CU three phaseModel : P304CU

Protects : Water Pump| Lathe Machine| Air Compressor

Delay Timer : 30 Sec.

Protection : 5 types

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3 Phase Equipment Protection

microprocessor based solution dedicated to provide Comprehensive Monitoring of Electricity before reaching your 3 Phase Equipment


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